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Ben Smith

A sample of sermons and other videos from pastor Ben Smith

  1. Give Thanks, Colossians 1:3-8

  2. Confess and Pray, James 5:12-20

    Pastor Ben preaches the conclusion of the letter of James and encourages the church to speak truth, pray, and continually confess sin.

  3. Be Patient, James 5:7-11

    Pastor Ben encourages us to wait with anticipation for the second coming of the Lord.

  4. Draw Near To God James 4:1-10

  5. Taming the Tongue, James 3:1-12

    Pastor Ben preaches on the power of speech and how what we say reveals the transformation God has done in our hearts.

  6. Evidence of Faith, James 2:14-26

    Pastor Ben Smith preaches from James 2 on what is true saving faith and what is worthless and dead faith.