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Ben Smith

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Chasing Happiness Rejecting Holiness - Why Homosexuality is Sin, Romans 1:24-23

Sermon preached by Pastor Ben Smith during the October 11, 2015, morning worship service.

It seems that what often is used to judge if something is right or wrong is whether or not it makes you happy. This argument is the foundational argument for the sexual permissiveness of our culture. The Bible does not promise happiness. In fact it says that the followers of Jesus will know persecution (that’s not very happy). The Bible calls the followers of Jesus to live holy lives. Living righteously for the Lord produces great joy even if in this world we know suffering. In this sermon pastor Ben will make the case that we must reject the weak and false pursuit of happiness and instead surrender all of who we are to the Lord. This surrender includes our sexual desires.

Preached on 10/11/2015 during the Morning worship service of Central Baptist Church Waycross, GA by pastor Ben Smith
2 of 4 of the Biblical Understanding of Gender and Sexuality sermon series.
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