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Ben Smith

A sample of sermons and other videos from pastor Ben Smith

A Gift for Marriage: Why Sex is Only to Be Enjoyed Within Marriage, Proverbs 5:15-23

If you have been married 20 years or longer you may not be aware that there has been a fundamental shift in how teens and young adults view and experience sex. No longer is it a social taboo to be sexuality active and virginity until marriage is seen as a radical and weird lifestyle. This has had a devastating impact. When I began my ministry it was a rare thing to have a couple ask me to perform their wedding that were living together. However, now it is a rarity to find couples that are not living together and even rarer still those who have saved their virginity for marriage. The purpose of this sermon is not to shame but make the case for why we should live lives of purity.

Preached on 10/25/2015 during the Morning worship service of Central Baptist Church Waycross, GA by pastor Ben Smith
4 of 4 of the Biblical Understanding of Gender and Sexuality sermon series.

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